Accessing e-banking

Do I need to register to use e-banking?

Yes. You can register for e-banking by visiting one of our branches or by calling 1300 236 344.

If you are already registered for e-banking, you can download the award winning Bendigo Bank app by going to the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users). It’s free to download.

How do I access e-banking?

Once you have registered for Bendigo e-banking you can access it by: visiting and pressing the Logon button. If you’re looking for an optimal mobile e-banking experience on your smartphone or tablet device, visit your app store and download the free Bendigo Bank app.

Bendigo Bank App for Apple iOS
Apple Store
Bendigo Bank App for Android

Is there an e-banking demonstration system?

Yes, you can use our interactive e-banking demo to explore our e-banking platform.

You can practice making payments, changing account preferences and more. Rest assured the system is for demonstration purposes only and will not result in any real money being moved.

Can I download an app for e-banking?

Yes. You can download the award winning Bendigo Bank app at the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). It’s free to download.

Bendigo Bank App for Apple iOS
Apple Store
Bendigo Bank App for Android

Is there a Bendigo Bank app for mobile phones other than iPhone or Android eg. Windows, Blackberry?

No. If you have a Windows, Blackberry or other smart phone alternative to iPhone and Android, you can access e-banking by visiting using your mobile web browser and pressing Logon.

Bendigo Bank continues to monitor trends in mobile phone usage, and adapts its offerings based on these trends. Currently, the vast majority of our customers use iPhone or Android devices for which the Bendigo Bank app is available.

I have the Bendigo Bank app on my mobile/tablet device. How do I access any updates to the app?

If you have enabled automatic app updates on your device, as soon as a new version of our Bendigo Bank app becomes available it will automatically update. If you have not enabled automatic app updates on your device you’ll be able to access the changes to our app by going to the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users) and updating your current Bendigo Bank app.

Alternatively, you can visit and access e-banking via your web browser.

Are there fees and charges for using the Bendigo Bank app?

The Bendigo Bank app is free to download and there are no additional fees or charges for using it to access e-banking.

Internet data fees may be charged by your telecommunications provider and we recommend you check with your provider for details.

View Bendigo Bank’s fees and charges

Will I need my Access ID, Password, and Security Token when using e-banking?

Yes. There are a number of circumstances where you may need to use your Access ID, Password, and, depending on your current Security Token settings, your Security Token. These may include:

  • Logging on to e-banking via or on your web browser (regardless of device);
  • Using the Bendigo Bank app to Logon to e-banking, without having set up a Four-digit PIN;
  • Adding a Contact for BPAY or Pay Anyone payments;
  • Updating your contact details (your email address or mobile number);
  • Creating a new PayID;
  • Making BPAY or Pay Anyone payments;
  • You have a version of the Bendigo Bank app that does not prompt you to generate or enter a Four-digit PIN;
  • You have forgotten your Four-digit PIN and elected to Logon using your Access ID;
  • You have exceeded the number of incorrect login attempts (where a customer enters the incorrect Four-digit PIN 3 times).

How do I know what Bendigo Bank app version I have?

Open the app and tap on the menu icon. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and you will find your app version number displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Can I use four-digit pin on my e-banking?

Yes, but it is only available in the Bendigo Bank app. You can set up a four-digit PIN the first time you use the app, or during a later session by clicking on ‘Settings’. You can also change the PIN via ’Settings’.

Four-digit PIN is not available if you access e-banking via a web browser.