Four-digit PIN

What is the Bendigo Bank app Four-digit PIN function?

Four-digit PIN is an optional facility that makes logging on to e-banking via the Bendigo Bank app simpler than entering your Access ID and Password.

If you choose to create a Four-digit PIN you can logon by entering the four digits only. You will no longer need to enter your Access ID, Password (and for Security Token users, the Authentication Key), to access e-banking.

The Four-digit PIN login service can be used on up to three different devices per Access ID.

How do I set up my Four-digit PIN?

The Four-digit PIN feature is only available within our iOS (Apple) and Android apps.

You can choose to generate a Four-digit PIN the first time you use the upgraded app, or during a later session via the Settings option by selecting Enable Four-digit PIN.

How do I change my Four-digit PIN?

To change your four-digit PIN, open the Bendigo Bank app and login to e-banking. Navigate to 'More' > 'Settings' > 'Change your Four-digit PIN', and follow the prompts.

Changing your Four-digit PIN will update all devices that have Four-digit PIN service enabled.

What do I do if I forget my Four-digit PIN?

If you forget your Four-digit PIN you will have to login using your Access ID, Password, and Security Token (where necessary). Once logged in you will be able to go through the Four-digit PIN setup process again:

  1. Open the Bendigo Bank app
  2. From the home screen of the app (before you Login) expand the main menu and select ‘Reset Forgotten Four-digit PIN
  3. Enter your full credentials when prompted i.e. Access ID, Password, and Security Token (if required). Select 'I forgot my password' if you can't remember your Password.
  4. Opt to set up Four-digit PIN when prompted
  5. Enter a new Four-digit PIN when prompted
  6. Enter the new Four-digit PIN again to confirm
  7. The Four-digit PIN has now been changed for this device

Please note: You may choose not to set up another Four-digit PIN and continue to use  e-banking. You will simply be required to use your Access ID, Password, and Security Token where necessary.

If I have been locked out of e-banking, will the Four-digit PIN stop working in the Bendigo Bank app?


You must reset your e-banking Password before you will be able to logon using Four-digit PIN.

Can I use the same Four-digit PIN on more than one mobile device?

Yes. You can use the same Four-digit PIN on up to three mobile devices.

Is the Four-digit PIN function secure?

Yes. This function has become the industry standard for banking apps.

The Four-digit PIN provides access to only a single customer’s data and  can be used on up to three devices. In addition, the Four-digit PIN is not stored on any device, adding even greater security.

The Bendigo Bank app has been designed to disallow simple number sequences eg. 1111, 4444, 1234 or 9876 for security reasons.  We recommend avoiding other Four-digit PINs that may be easily guessed, such as your date of birth.

For further tips to keep your device secure, head over to the device security section of our website.

I have deleted my Bendigo Bank app and re-installed it. Will I need to re-register a Four-digit PIN?

e-banking will recognise if a Four-digit PIN has already been registered to your device. You will receive an ‘Existing Four-digit PIN’ message and you’ll be asked if you want to replace your existing Four-digit PIN. Select ‘Continue’ and follow the prompts.

What do I do if my mobile phone is lost, stolen, broken, or replaced?

Contact Bendigo Bank on 1300 236 344.

If your mobile phone is subsequently recovered you will need to re-register for the Four-digit PIN function by logging on to e-banking via the Bendigo Bank app, and entering your Access ID, Password, and Security Token (if needed).

Why won’t the app accept my Four-digit PIN?

You may be entering a sequence of numbers that is deemed too easy to guess. The app has been designed to disallow simple number sequences eg. 1111, 4444, 1234 or 9876 for security reasons.

How do I set up my Four-digit PIN on more than one device?

Setting up your Four-Digit PIN on a second or third device is completed by navigating to the Main Settings menu on the new device and select Enable Four-Digit PIN. Follow the prompts to set up Four-Digit.

You must use the same PIN on all devices.

Can I view which of my devices are enabled with Four-digit PIN?

Yes.  Go to the 'Settings' menu and select 'Manage Devices'. This will display the names of each device and the last date and time you logged into e-banking using that device.

What happens if I change the PIN on one of my devices?

This will change the PIN on all devices.

Additionally, if you have enabled Touch ID or Fingerprint Login on the other device(s) they will be temporarily disabled until you log back in with the updated PIN.

What happens if I enter an incorrect PIN on one device and then try and logon to another device?

You have three chances to log in using Four-digt PIN. Three consecutive incorrect PIN attempts will disable Four-digit PIN on all devices you have set it up for. The three consecutive attempts are counted from one or more devices.

If Four-digit PIN has been disabled you can reset your Four-digit PIN by logging in to the app using your full Access ID and Password and navigate to the Reset my Four-Digit PIN option within the Main Settings menu.

How do I remove a device from my Four-Digit PIN enabled devices list?

Navigate to the Main Settings Menu then select Manage Devices. From here you will be able to remove any device registered with the Four-Digit PIN service.