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What's new in e-banking?

13 February 2018

The simpler side of faster, simpler payments is now available in Bendigo e-banking - you can now register your PayID. A PayID does the same job as a BSB and account number, it’s just easier to remember. But if a BSB and account number is all you have, that’s fine, your payment will still be made. Likewise, you will soon be able to use a mobile number or email address to make payments to other people.

Registering a PayID is simple:

For Business Customers, you can also register an ABN as a PayID. To do this, contact your Business Banker or visit your nearest Bendigo Bank branch.

For more information,

5 February 2018

Approving multiple payments can now be done with one click! Use Activity > Upcoming to review all payments requiring your approval. Use the Approve All button at the top of the screen to approve all payments at once.

17 January 2018

We’ve made improvements to our filters to make it easier to see and print transactions made within the last six weeks.

Select the account you wish to view, then select the filter button and apply a date range. Once you have applied the filter all of the transactions in that date range will be displayed (and printed if you choose to do so) and will now include a running balance.

10 January 2018

  • The Bendigo Bank iOS app has been updated! Add your card to Apple Pay and enjoy all the benefits of your Bendigo Bank Mastercard with Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac
  • Face ID Logon is now supported for iPhone X customers

29 November 2017

We fixed an issue with the Logon page, whereby some browsers were attempting to auto-complete the Security token field.

21 November 2017

  • Not sure which account is which? If you have more than one account with the same name, we've added a link below the account that allows you to rename it to something more memorable. Further information on editing account names can be found here.
  • We have fixed a couple of issues with our printed receipts. The Bendigo Bank logo should always load properly and we've adjusted the header at the top of printed pages to reduce the amount of ink used by your printer.

15 November 2017

Bulk Payment files can now be authorised via the new e-banking platform. While files will still need to be uploaded via Classic e-banking, this change will make it easier to approve Bulk Payment files on the go.

Remember, if you have payments requiring your approval, an orange circle will appear next to the 'Activity' menu. Click on 'Activity' then click on 'Upcoming' to review and authorise pending payments.

30 October 2017

Over the past few weeks, we have received a significant amount of feedback regarding our new e-banking service. To this end we have already released a number of enhancements:

  • You can now choose how you would like to view each of your accounts, be it a simple list or a more traditional “debits, credits and balance” layout. To see the more detailed view, select the account, then select Detailed at the top-right of the transaction listing (to the right of the Filter button)
  • BPAY company information is now more prominent and searchable, making it easier to find Contacts (Payees)
  • We’ve made it easier to scan transaction lists for information by adding reference data for cheques, cash, merchant terminal IDs and dividends
  • Printed transaction lists are now provided in the “debits, credits and balance” layout to make reconciliation tasks easier
  • After setting up a payment there’s now a short cut to create another payment of the same type. Look for the Pay another option (next to the Print receipt button) on your payment receipt to start another payment.
  • Additional information has been added to printed receipts
  • You can more easily move between e-statements (pdfs) and Transaction Downloads (transaction data exports)

16 October 2017

Customers using the new e-banking service can enjoy an enhanced printing experience from their Desktop or PC. Use the Print button or  File > Print in your web browser to print receipts, transaction listings and more.

We have also added new account graph preferences within the account settings menu. If you would prefer to hide graphs, just click on ‘hide graph’ located at the bottom of the graph area. Your preferences will be saved for future e-banking sessions and can be managed in your account settings.

Many of our customers enjoy using our Transaction Download feature on Classic e-banking, so we’ve added it to our new e-banking system too. All of the file formats available in Classic e-banking are now available in our new e-banking service.

Are there any Classic e-banking features that don’t exist on the new e-banking platform?

There are some features available on Classic e-banking that are yet to be integrated into our new e-banking platform, including;

  • Bulk Payments
  • BPAY View
  • High/Low Balance Notifications

To use these features you’ll find them in Classic e-banking.

Where is the branch and ATM locator map found in the app?

From the app home screen, tap the map marker icon on the right hand side of the screen (just below the image at the top of the screen).

How often is the app’s branch and ATM location information updated?

Our branch and ATM information changes regularly. When accessing the branch location feature in the Bendigo Bank app it will check to make sure it has the latest information and download any updates automatically.