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Can BPAY and Pay Anyone, including Osko payments be made using e-banking?

Yes. e-banking allows you to make payments in multiple ways.

You can use the Action Buttons via the ‘Accounts’ option immediately under the account you wish to pay from.

You can select the ‘Move Money’ option for Payments and Transfers.

You can also make Payments via the ‘Contacts’ menu option quickly and easily.

Can I save a regular payment using e-banking?

Yes. Once you’ve made a payment to a Contact you’ll be presented with a transaction receipt.

You can choose to save this payment as a Favourite by clicking on ‘Favourite’ at the bottom of this receipt so you won’t need to enter all of the details again the next time you want to pay your Contact.

Can I create future-dated or recurring payments or transfers in e-banking?

Our future-dated payment options on e-banking allow you to:

Create and cancel a one-off future-dated transfer, BPAY or Pay Anyone payment.
Create and cancel a recurring transfer, BPAY or Pay Anyone payment.

The ability to edit an upcoming payment will be included in a later release.

Can I cancel or edit an upcoming payment on e-banking?

Our future-dated payment options on e-banking allow you to:

Create and cancel a one-off future dated transfer, BPAY or Pay Anyone payment
Create and cancel a recurring transfer, BPAY or Pay Anyone payment.

The ability to edit an upcoming payment is currently not available, however we are looking at introducing this in a later release.

Can I authorise payments requiring multiple signatories using e-banking?

Yes. If you have payments requiring your approval, an orange circle will appear next to the 'Activity' menu. Click on 'Activity' then click on 'Actionable' to review and authorise pending payments.

Why can I transfer money, or use BPAY and Pay Anyone services from some accounts and not others?

e-banking has been designed to show you the options you have on each account.

Some accounts, such as a Term Deposit Account or loan, are not designed to be transaction accounts, therefore you won’t be given the Transfer, BPAY, or Pay Anyone option.

Can I email a receipt of payment to a Contact using e-banking?

Yes. Email receipts can be sent from Pay Anyone (including Osko) and Telegraphic Transfer payment receipts.

What is an Inactive Contact?

When you make either a BPAY or Pay Anyone payment a list of all the ‘Active’ Contacts (payees) will be displayed. This list contains all Contacts that you have paid within the last 13 months.

An Inactive Contact is a payee that you have not deleted from your list of Contacts, but who you have not paid in the last 13 months, so is considered inactive. This helps to reduce the number of Contacts displayed when making payments.


Can I add a description to a payment?

Yes. This can help you identify specific payments you have made to BPAY or Pay Anyone Contacts.

A Pay Anyone Osko payment allows you to use up to 280 characters.

Who sees a Payment Description, the payer or the payee?

With a Pay Anyone payment, both you and the person or business receiving the money, will see the description.  You could use this field to enter an invoice number or text to describe what the payment is for. The description will also appear on the customer’s transaction history and Activity feed.

BPAY payments have both a Payee Description for the person receiving the money and a Payment Description for your own reference.

What is the ‘Past’ option when I am making a payment to a Contact?

The ‘Past’ option is a shortcut for when you are making payment to the same Contact for the same amount.

Selecting ‘Past’ when you are making a payment allows you to see previous payments made to the Contact, and allows you to choose to make another payment to them for the same amount.

Why are some of my Contacts coloured grey?

If you are a non-titled member to an account, all the Contact icons associated with the account will be coloured grey.

When setting up a Pay Anyone Contact, or making a payment to a Pay Anyone Contact, I am told Bendigo Bank is “…unable to verify the BSB and/or account number match the account name…”

This message is a legal requirement and doesn’t necessarily mean the account details are incorrect, just that you should confirm the BSB and account number of your Contact is correct prior to making the payment.

Can I redraw from my loan using e-banking?

Yes. However, you must first contact us to have your redraw facility activated. Simply call into your nearest Bendigo Bank branch.

Can I send a payment overseas?

Payments to accounts outside of Australia can be sent via our Telegraphic Transfer service. Once registered for this service, you can access it from the 'Move Money' menu.

Customers should note that it is mandatory to use a Security Token if you wish to use the Telegraphic Transfer service.

You can register for the Telegraphic Transfer service by contacting us on 1300 236 344 or by sending us a Secure Email. When registering for the Telegraphic Transfer service you will be asked to nominate a daily transaction limit, maximum $30,000 that will cater to your requirements.

We realise that in some circumstances customers will require a higher daily transaction limit than $30,000 e.g. business clients. If you require a higher limit you will need to complete a form in your local branch or contact us on 1300 236 344 for further advice.

Alternatively, you can visit any Bendigo Bank branch to request they process a Telegraphic Transfer for you.

Please refer to the Schedule of Fees, Charges and Transaction Account Rebates (personal customers) or Business Fees and Charges (business customers) within the relevant Disclosure Documents for fees applicable to this service.

Biller Code is not being accepted?

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