Why does my e-banking session automatically log out?

For security reasons you will automatically be logged out of your e-banking session after a period of inactivity. This reduces the risk of non-authorised people accessing your banking information.

When I swipe my screen it won’t reveal the full description of the menu items

It’s likely that you are using a mobile web browser to access e-banking. If this is the case, simply tap the Menu icon icon (also know as a ‘hamburger’) at the top left of the screen to reveal the full description of the menu items.

Who do I call if I have problems accessing the Internet?

Please contact your Internet Service Provider or company systems administrator.

Who can I contact for support with e-banking?

Contact Bendigo Bank on 1300 236 344.

When I logon to e-banking, not all of my accounts display a graph.

The Accounts screen will automatically display charts for your first three accounts. To modify your chart settings, from the Account Balances screen, enter Account 'Settings' (at top-right of the screen) and select ‘Hide/show charts’.

When I attempt to logon to e-banking, I get taken to the logout page?

Make sure your browser is configured to accept cookies for the current website.

iPhone - Safari

  • Select the ‘Settings’ icon on the device home screen
  • Select ‘Safari’ from the options listed
  • Select ‘Accept Cookies’ and tick ‘From visited

Android - Browser

  • Open your browser
  • Press the menu button on your Android device
  • Go to ‘Settings
  • Tick ‘Accept cookies’ box

After I enter my Four-digit PIN I received the error message “You are no longer registered for this service. Please login with your Access ID to setup a new Four-digit PIN.”

Check your device settings to see if the automatic date and time is on. This option needs to be activated for Four-digit PIN to function correctly.

IPhone - General > Date & time > Set automatically
Android – Settings > Date & time > Automatic date and time

The Bendigo Bank app is slow to logon

The issue is most likely related to the speed of the Internet connection/mobile network you are connecting to.

Customers who are on a 3G network (especially a network which suffers from congestion during peak periods) may experience a slightly longer wait to logon to e-banking.