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COVID-19 frequently asked questions


Here are some frequently asked questions that will help provide answers during these uncertain times. These are updated regularly with the latest information. 

General FAQs

No, there is no change to online banking transactions or payments – they are still being processed within the same timeframe as they always have.

Yes. However, we may ask you to temporarily remove your mask for identification purposes. Our branch staff are also required to wear a mask.

The government’s economic support package consists of two payments of $750 for eligible recipients. You can expect to receive the first $750 deposited into your nominated myGov account between 31 March and mid-April 2020. The second payment will be deposited from 13 July 2020.

For more information, or to check your eligibility, visit the Department of Social Services website.

For more than 160 years we have seen our customers through good times, and tough times, and we are here for you now. 

Visit our COVID-19 business help page for details.

As an essential service, bank branches and ATMs remain open. There may be a limited number of instances where a branch needs to temporarily close, however customers affected will be directed to a branch nearby.

Some ATMs may not be accessible depending on their location (those within malls that may have closed)

Please check your local branch’s operating hours as these may have changed.

Yes, Australia Post outlets remain open for customers to use for their daily banking. Please check the Australia Post website for post office closures.

You can access your accounts, check your balance, pay bills, change your PIN, and perform everyday transactions 24 hours a day via e-banking or the Bendigo Bank app.

If you have a smart phone, download the Bendigo Bank app from the Apple Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

For more help about e-Banking view our e-Banking help pages.

Set up e-banking by calling us on 1300 236 344 or contact your local branch.

Yes. As one of Australia’s biggest banks we're in a very strong position to keep your money safe. For our bank, it’s business as usual: our branches remain open and our staff remain dedicated to providing you with the products you want, the technology you expect, and the service you deserve.

Under the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS), there is a cap of $250,000, guaranteed per person. This is the same for all Australian banks.

So if you have three deposit accounts with Bendigo Bank, each with a balance of $100,000, these will be added together and the FCS will protect you for $250,000. The remaining $50,000 will not be guaranteed. In the case of joint accounts, a depositor’s share of the joint account will be added to their other deposits and the FCS limit will be applied to the aggregated amount.

Visit our Financial Claims Scheme page for more information.

Personal customers

If you’re worried you might not be able to make your scheduled repayments on your home loan, personal loan or credit card, talk to us. We can help by reducing or deferring your repayments.

If you take up a deferral of repayment arrangement it is important to note interest and fees will continue to accrue: adding to your loan balance.

Based on your circumstances, you can defer your loan repayments for an agreed time. If you choose to do this, interest and fees will still be added to your loan balance during that time.

Once the deferred period finishes, we’ll work with you on a plan to repay the amount you’ve deferred. This might involve increasing your minimum repayments for the deferred period, or extending the term of your loan.

As always, we’re here to help discuss your options and how they’ll affect you.

We will contact you to discuss your situation and whether you need more help. When your arrangement ends, the following options are available:

  • You can repay any outstanding repayment amount, if any
  • You can make a repayment plan to pay any outstanding arrears over an agreed period of time
  • We may consider a further deferral period, if we can establish reasonable grounds that you will be able to resume repayments within the further deferral period. (Interest will continue to be charged)

A payment pause or deferral will not show as missed payments in your credit report. To learn more about your credit score and credit report visit CreditSmart.

If you find another job or return to your place of employment, we encourage you to contact us to discuss more suitable arrangements based on your changed circumstances.

You can generate your own Proof of Account within e-banking. It contains transaction and account information that’s often requested by third parties. View the short videos to see how easy it is to generate and download.

Load video
Proof of Account Bendigo Bank app
Proof of Account Bendigo Bank app
Load video
Proof of Account e-banking
Proof of Account e-banking

Yes. Customers are eligible for assistance/hardship arrangements even if they are ahead on their loan.

Yes. You can redraw any available funds on your loan at any time, even if you have an assistance/hardship arrangement with us.

We have recently increased our term deposit rates to provide customers with an attractive investment option in this historically low interest rate environment. The interests of our deposit customers were strongly considered as part of our recent pricing changes in this unprecedented environment.

We increased our five-month and 12-month term deposit rates by 25 basis points. The seven-month special term deposit rate has not changed.

Visit our COVID-19 personal help page for details.

Extension to temporary reduction in superannuation minimum drawdown

The Australian federal government has recently announced an extension of the temporary reduction in superannuation minimum drawdown rates for a further year, until 30 June 2023.

This measure will benefit retirees with account-based pensions by reducing the need to sell investment assets to fund minimum drawdown requirements.

Age Default minimum drawdown rates (%) Reduced rates by 50 per cent for the 2022-23 income year (%)
Under 65 4 2
65-74 5 2.5
75-79 6 3
80-84 7 3.5
85-89 9 4.5
90-94 11 5.5
95 or over 14 7

Bendigo SmartStart Pension members who were on the previous (default) minimum rate were automatically reduced to the new temporary minimum rate from 1 July 2020. This was unless they chose a higher amount.

For existing Bendigo SmartStart Pension members, this means your payment rates will stay the same from 1 July 2022 for the next financial year 2022/23. This is unless you change your payment options, or your balance runs out.

All pension members will receive a review pack in July 2022 as part of the annual review process. This will include a reminder that the Government has extended the minimum drawdown amounts for the financial year 2022/23.

If you open a Bendigo SmartStart Pension account anytime before 30 June 2023, the government's temporary reduced minimum rates apply up to 30 June 2023, unless you choose a higher amount.

The reduced rates will apply until 30 June 2023. However, the Australian Government may choose to extend the period. If there are any changes, we will let our members know via our website.

Mike is a 66 years old retiree with a superannuation account-based pension.

The value of Mike's account-based pension at 1 July 2019 was $200,000. Under the 2018-19 income year minimum drawdown requirements, Mike was required by legislation to drawdown 5 per cent of his account balance over the course of the 2019-20 and 2020-21 income years.

This means Mike had to drawdown $10,000 by 30 June 2020 and 2021 to comply with the minimum drawdown requirements.

Following the temporary reduction in minimum drawdown requirements, Mike is only required to drawdown 2.5% of his account balance, which is $5000 for 2019-20- and 2020-21-income years.

If the reduced amount is insufficient to meet Mike's cash flow needs, he can increase to a higher amount. If Mike has already withdrawn over $5,000 for 2019-20 and 2020-21, he is not able to put the amount above $5,000 back into his superannuation account.

As a result of this change to minimum drawdown requirements, Mike is able to preserve his capital while still drawing an income from his superannuation.

Personal insurance

Bendigo Bank policies issued by IAG (CGU and WFI)

Travel insurance policies are available for future travel.

Customers who purchased their policy on or after 23 January 2020 aren’t eligible to claim for any COVID-19-related losses.

IAG is waiving cancellation fees and offering a full refund to customers who haven’t made any claims and want to cancel their existing policy.

If you have a current Landlord insurance policy, there’s no change to your cover.

Rent Default is not available on new policies.

IAG is putting some payment extensions in place to help customers experiencing hardship as a result of COVID-19.

From Wednesday 1 April 2020 you can:

  • Ask for a 90-day extension on annual policies;
  • Pause fortnightly/monthly payments for 90 days on policies paid by instalments. The pro-rata balance will be spread over the remainder of the policy period.

Claims within the 90-day extension period will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Please call the IAG Customer Contact Centre on 1300 557 155 or the Branch Support Team for any enquiries.

During times of uncertainty, it’s reassuring to know that help is available should you need it.

If you currently have existing Loansure in place, temporary changes have been made to the eligibility for payment of Involuntary Unemployment benefits. If you have been stood down and not terminated as a result of COVID-19, the 21 day waiting period will be waived for both Individual and Self Employed policy holders.

Claims requirements will still be required as per below:


  • Provide written confirmation of unemployment status as set out in the PDS or provide written confirmation from your employer that you were permanently employed when stood down, and due to COVID-19 restrictions on trading/businesses you have been stood down for a period of time from a nominated date and you are receiving no income from the employer (either directly or via government subsidy through the employer).
  • Confirm that you are unemployed at the time of the claim or provide written confirmation from your employer that you are stood down as set out above at the time of the claim; and
  • Confirm each 30-day period they are unemployed or remain ‘stood down’ as set out above.

Self Employed

  • Provide written confirmation your business has ceased trading due to the COVID-19 impact/restrictions imposed on trade and is receiving no government income subsidy; and
  • Confirm each 30-day period that the business is still not operating as set out above.

How to claim

Please download and complete the Involuntary Unemployment claim form and send it to

Bendigo Bank policies issued by AIA Life Insurance

Visit the AIA's COVID-19 help page for information on support and frequently asked questions on Life and Income protection.

If you have any questions please contact the Bendigo Insurance Team on 03 5454 1200.

Business customers

For more than 160 years we have seen our customers through good times, and tough times, and we are here for you now. 

Visit our COVID-19 business help page for details.

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